Evanston Public Library to host LGBTQ+ Book Swap with Evanston Pride


Daily file illustration by Jordan Mangi

At the event, residents can swap books or pick up a LGBTQ+ book that the library is giving out.

Yiming Fu, Managing Editor

Evanston Public Library’s Robert Crown Branch will host an LGBTQ+ book swap and giveaway Saturday afternoon as part of a larger effort to reach the city’s queer community. 

“It’s important because they’re part of the Evanston community,” Robert Crown branch assistant Kellye Fleming said. “I personally think we should be reaching everyone, no matter what your demographics are or where you live in Evanston. It’s not just about the library as a building but the library as a presence in people’s lives.”

The library encourages residents to exchange books they “love” but “are ready to pass along to someone else,” and will also be giving away copies of books with LGBTQ+ themes and characters, Fleming said.

Evanston Pride is partnering with the library to host the event, which will run from 3-6 p.m. Fleming said the library hopes to continue reaching LGBTQ+ community members by hosting a poster-making session before the pride parade, hosting educational programs and driving its “lit-mobile” to Evanston Pride’s picnic later this month.

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