Evanston receives almost $250,000 to improve sidewalks near schools


Daily file photo by Ilana Arougheti

The Joseph E. Hill Early Childhood Center.The Illinois Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School Program funds initiatives to enable students to walk or bike to school.

Aviva Bechky, Assistant City Editor

Evanston received $249,951 from the Illinois Department of Transportation to improve sidewalks near Evanston/Skokie School District 65 schools and along certain routes to the schools. 

Funds from IDOT’s Safe Routes to School initiative will be used to repair sidewalks, reducing concerns of tripping hazards, water pooling and poor ice conditions near schools. About 24,000 square feet of sidewalk will be affected. 

The Safe Routes to School Program is meant to enable and encourage students to walk or bike to school, promoting active lifestyles and improving safety while reducing traffic and air pollutants near schools. 

IDOT chose 57 projects from 102 applicants from across the state this year, granting more than $12.3 million total in federal funds to education groups and local governments.

The city expects to complete design specifications for approval in 2023, with construction set for 2024. 

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