Moderna, Johnson & Johnson booster shots available in Evanston


Illustration by Angeli Mittal

To address the declining antibody levels in vaccinated individuals, Evanston is providing Moderna and Johnson & Johnson booster shots to eligible groups per expanded CDC guidelines last week.

Angeli Mittal, Design Editor

Evanston is offering free booster doses for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines, the city announced in a Monday news release.

The decision came in light of the rapid spread of the Delta variant nationwide and what Dr. Anthony Fauci identified as “waning immunity” for those in the first vaccine rollout phases.

This comes after the Food and Drug Administration unanimously authorized the booster last week for emergency use. With this expanded authorization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also approved the option to take a booster different from one’s primary vaccination series — allowing individuals to “mix and match” vaccines if desired.

Pfizer booster shots were the first to gain CDC approval on Sept. 22. Eligible individuals include those aged 18 and older with underlying medical conditions or living or working in high-risk settings. Those getting a Pfizer booster after two prior vaccines must be six months past their most recent dose.

With the expanded authorization, these conditions still apply to anyone whose primary series was Pfizer or Moderna. Both groups, though, are now eligible for either booster shot. The Moderna booster is only half of the dose of the primary series vaccine dose, but it has been shown to be effective against the Delta variant.

The Johnson & Johnson booster dose is recommended for anyone aged 18 and older whose last single-dose was at least two months ago.

These doses are also endorsed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Evanston Health & Human Services Department. While Evanston is not providing Pfizer booster shots at this time, residents are encouraged to visit or call 1-800-232-0233 to schedule an appointment.

Those interested in obtaining a Moderna or Johnson & Johnson booster are asked to complete the city’s vaccine booster survey. Community members will be notified of appointment availability should they be eligible.

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