Medill technical assistant Monique Bradley-Noble dies from complications post-severe asthma attack

Northwestern staff member Monique Bradley-Noble has passed away after complications resulting from a severe asthma attack, Jaime Hermosillo, one of the school’s academic advisors for student life, told graduate students in a Friday message.

After suffering an asthma attack last weekend, Bradley-Noble died last Wednesday night when her condition worsened, the message said.

Bradley-Noble worked as a technical assistant for the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications’ Chicago office. She had joined the Technology Training and Operations staff in Fall 2017, according to her LinkedIn page, after both working and attending college in the Chicago metro area.

“Those of us who have spent time at Medill’s Wacker campus were lucky to have known the warm, friendly, generous person Monique was,” Hermosillo wrote in his message to graduate students. “If you ever encountered Monique she left you with a smile. She will be greatly missed by her Wacker family.”

As of Monday morning, Hermosillo said he was unaware of plans for a memorial service at the downtown campus.

In an email, Medill’s senior director of technology Jeff Prah said Bradley-Noble initially joined the staff to assist with evening IMC events and “soon became the tech everyone needed to facilitate the evening shift and more.”

“If an instructor was unsure about how to connect to a video conference call, couldn’t get their PowerPoint to work as they’d like or needed to connect to a printer Monique would be there to troubleshoot any technology hiccups they’d encounter,” Prah said. “Her goal was to make sure the evenings at the Medill Wacker campus went smoothly, and under her watch, they did.​”