Associated Student Government confirms sophomore Nyle Arora as deputy chief of staff


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Weinberg sophomore Nyle Arora has served on a variety of roles in ASG, which he said has prepared him well for the deputy chief of staff position.

Atul Jalan, Reporter

Associated Student Government confirmed Weinberg sophomore Nyle Arora as its deputy chief of staff until next Spring Quarter during its Wednesday Senate meeting.

Arora formerly served as a senator within the organization and later as its treasurer. During that time, he’s been involved in a number of committees that have given him experience in areas ranging from public relations to website maintenance and development to management of ASG’s assets.

As a STEM student, Arora said he’s excited to represent a group that does not typically participate in student government. He said he was drawn to ASG president Izzy Dobbel’s message of empowering marginalized students, pointing to the administration’s creation of an Executive Officer for Justice and Inclusion as a testament to that rhetoric.

“Nyle is super diligent and very honest, so he will only take on tasks that he knows he has the capacity to be completing and he always completes things on time,” Dobbel said. “He gets along with everyone in the exec office, so it’s a great addition to have to our team structurally and with our tasks, but also it’s great addition to our team for our interactions, to make sure we’re not taking ourselves too seriously.”

As treasurer of ASG, Arora said he worked extensively on streamlining internal financial offices. That work included more rapidly reimbursing student government officials for costs incurred in putting on events and increasing the organization’s transparency by maintaining a detailed ledger of all its transactions, which are available publicly on ASG’s website.

Already, Arora said he has collaborated with the chief of staff, Henry Molnar, and other ASG executives due to his treasury position, which meant he technically served as a deputy to the chief of staff.

“Being treasurer over the last year really gave me a lot of insight into how ASG’s finances work, what our operating budget and what are the sort of events that we support our members to pursue,” Arora said. “As deputy chief of staff, I want to use that knowledge to help Henry with his role and transitioning in the new treasurer, Carl Morison.”

As the deputy chief of staff, Arora will expand on his duties as treasurer. He said he hopes to further simplify financial transactions within ASG so that they’re not so “bureaucratic.” Currently, student government members requesting reimbursement for costs related to the organization have to jump through various hoops: providing a receipt, proof of payment, physically handing the paperwork off and then waiting for all of it to be processed by the relevant officials.

One idea he plans to implement in service of that goal is a weekly time during which others within ASG can discuss any financials questions they have with Arora. The concept is a further iteration of the organization’s internal website, which Arora helped develop as a resource for ASG members. The website’s contents are wide-ranging: instructions for future treasurers, information regarding gaining access to the ASG office and a detailed guide for using that office’s printer.

Beyond finances, Arora said he will be tasked with generally supporting Molnar and others within the executive office to ensure “their vision is executed.”

“Nyle and I work very well together. We’ve been doing tons and tons and tons of treasury stuff behind the scenes ever since I got into this role,” Molnar said. “Nyle is an incredibly hard worker and incredibly good person and I cannot think of anybody better who I would want to work with.”

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