LTE: True Diversity

In response to Miss Bian’s op-ed on April 16th, 2019

It is far wiser to judge one not by the color of his/her skin, but by the content of his/her character. Diversity is quite undoubtedly an important trait for a university to express, but the color of a professor’s skin or his/her gender should be quite irrelevant with regards to his/her academic qualifications. The entire purpose of ostensible diversity of this form is to increase student exposure to a wide range of ideas and values — this would be more adeptly accomplished if universities focused on evening out the massive disparity between liberal and conservative professors. Estimates put ratios at anywhere from 9:1 to 30:1, and always in favor of the left, an unacceptable trait if universities truly value diversity of thought. A deep and measured experience with philosophies from all sides of the economic, political and social spectrum will only occur with a balanced dissemination of such concepts, a scenario that is rarely, if ever, fulfilled. Ultimately, professors deserve to be evaluated solely by referencing their merits and accomplishments (a strategy that can easily achieve the outcomes Miss Bian champions), not by evaluating intersectional qualities that lay outside their ability to control.

– Ryan Abbott, McCormick first-year