Man charged with battery, injuring hospital employee

Ashley Capoot, Reporter

A man was charged with a misdemeanor for battery on Friday after he hit a security employee at NorthShore University Evanston Hospital.

The 26-year-old employee reported Friday that he was injured by a man who refused to leave the hospital, located in the 2600 block of Ridge Avenue. A 26-year-old woman who witnessed the events said the man had visited the hospital before, and said this time that he wanted to see a doctor. She said the man then changed his mind and said he needed to charge his phone instead.

Staff members allowed him to charge his phone, and after it had charged the security employee said he told the man that it was time for him to leave. However, the man refused and said “the law” would have to get him to leave, Evanston Police Cmdr. Ryan Glew said.

The security officer said he lifted the man out of his chair and escorted him out of the hospital, and the man made threats to harm him. The man reentered the hospital, approached the security employee, struck him and threatened to return to the hospital and shoot him, Glew said. The man also damaged the security guard’s glasses, valued at over $100.

The security employee said he decided to call the Evanston Police Department and take the man into custody. EDP arrested the man and charged him with misdemeanor battery.

Man damages property at Presence St. Francis Hospital

A 45-year-old employee of Presence St. Francis Hospital reported Sunday that an admitted patient damaged property in several different hospital rooms.

The employee said the patient pulled wires out of a wall outlet, damaged the wires in two separate monitors and damaged a set of bathroom racks.

The patient is a 43-year-old resident of Chicago who was admitted to the hospital for mental evaluation by the Chicago Police Department, Glew said. Hospital employees didn’t observe the patient damaging the property, so he is still at the hospital and is now under observation.

Glew said officers did not speak to the patient so that they would not aggravate his mental state.

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