Frida’s, a new breakfast and lunch restaurant, to open on Church Street


Noah Frick-Alofs/Daily Senior Staffer

618 Church St. Frida’s, a new breakfast and lunch restaurant, is expected to open next week.

Sophia Scanlan, Reporter

In the next week, Evanstonians will have the chance to dine at Frida’s, a new restaurant at 618 Church St. specializing in breakfast, brunch and lunch options.

Co-owner and manager Rosario Barreto said the staff is finishing a few “last minute details” and plans to open Monday.

Barreto added that she and her husband, the other owner, have been working on the restaurant for the past eight months because they thought Evanston lacked a good breakfast and lunch restaurant.

“Evanston is a nice, beautiful town,” she said. “We thought there was a need. I’ve gone to other places (in Evanston) and not seen something that I like.”

The restaurant will offer traditional American foods like eggs, pancakes and burgers, but it will also offer a few Mexican options like chilaquiles, enchiladas and burritos. Barreto said the menu will be distinct from from other breakfast places in the city, like Clarke’s.

Rosario Barreto’s husband, José Barreto, said he’s excited for the community to try their food.

“The restaurant is going to bring a new approach to the breakfast-slash-hangout,” he said. “(It’s) trendy for our clientele. The students and the residents who have been here for a long time will appreciate the flavors we’re bringing to the area.”

José Barreto added that he wants dishes to be creative, and the staff plans to include weekly specials from their chef, Daniel Coronel, who hails from Mexico.

The couple has also worked closely with Coronel to ensure that all meals at Frida’s will be healthy and homemade.

“Frida’s will be a place where everyone can come and the service will be great,” Rosario Barreto said. “The food is excellent, healthy and we have all kinds of options. We hope everyone comes and tries the place.”

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