Self-care tips to beat the holiday blues


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Bake a cake this holiday season because you love yourself.

Amy Li, Assistant Campus Editor

2018 Holiday Guide

Whether you’re dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder or stressed over the demands of the holiday season, an easy first step to beating the holiday blues starts with you and self-care. Develop your own self-care ritual this holiday season to keep warm on cold nights.

Buy something that you really don’t need
Retail therapy is real, so if you really believe splurging on that rose-water spray or that hot pink denim jacket will improve the quality of your day to day life in an unparalleled way, just buy it! The old saying goes, if you don’t love yourself, who else will? Convince yourself that treating yourself is healthy, not frivolous. Occasionally giving into your deepest consumerist desires can rejuvenate you.

Bake a cake for yourself
Are you tired of baking cakes for your friends and family when you know you deserve it more than most? Are there any other three-word combinations more enticing to you than “cake for one?” Make this holiday season a special one by baking and icing a whole cake for yourself because this time around, it’s your turn to shine. I don’t mean a down-sized cake recipe, or one of those viral three-ingredient mug cake recipes that nobody really likes, but something more like a full-sized, three-tier sponge cake with homemade icing. Why not splurge on making a champagne cake with strawberry mousse and champagne buttercream? Or an Earl Grey cake with lavender flavored frosting? It’s all about self-care.

Hit the gym
If you’re feeling bad about the whole cake you had to yourself the other day, hit the gym! The holidays can be an especially difficult time to keep up with your workout regimen (if you had one to begin with), but exercise can be an effective way to cope with your stress-inducing family and friends. Imagine yourself running away from your racist, homophobic and misogynistic relatives as fuel for your morning jogs, or punch away all your anger in a boxing class. Burn some of those excess calories and cleanse your soul of excess hate through some vigorous strength and cardiovascular exercise.

Pamper yourself
Fix your holiday breakouts with some pampering. Put on a face mask, run a bubble bath, turn up some relaxing elevator music and leisure like you’ve never leisured before. Fixing up a homemade spa is the best way to decompress after a rough day, or maybe even a rough year.

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