Tammy Duckworth denounces Donald Trump’s abortion comments, links Sen. Mark Kirk to those views

Rishika Dugyala, Assistant City Editor

U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth’s (D-Ill.) senatorial campaign released a statement Wednesday criticizing Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s comments that women should be punished for abortions and claimed Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) would align himself with Trump’s views.

“Donald Trump’s comments today are horrific, and reveal genuine misogyny,” the statement said. “And yet it is exactly this approach that Mark Kirk ‘certainly would’ support in the November election. If it wasn’t clear already, it is now: a Trump presidency would be dangerous, not to mention cruel — and Senator Kirk seems to have no problem with that.”

When asked to define his “pro-life stance” in an MSNBC interview Wednesday, Trump said not only should abortion be banned, but there should also be a form of punishment for women who chose abortion. Trump later said should abortions be banned, the doctor who performed the abortion would be held responsible instead.

Duckworth’s campaign announced a 112-day effort to link Kirk with Trump. Kirk, despite distancing himself from Trump’s foreign policy ideas, has previously said he “certainly would” support Trump.

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