Best Delivery Service: Jimmy John’s

Alex Putterman, Web Editor

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Jimmy John’s advertises with the tagline “Freaky Fast,” deliberately setting themselves lofty expectations. And yet, the sandwich chain consistently exceeds my highest hopes of delivery time. When I order Jimmy John’s, 1729 Sherman Ave., I know my sandwich will arrive very quickly, extremely quickly, but I still find myself surprised at just how quickly.

Average delivery time in my experience is somewhere between five and eight minutes after I place the order, compared to half an hour or more for other popular delivery options. It feels like by the time I’ve put my wallet down, the doorbell is ringing with a Jimmy John’s delivery person mounted on a bicycle outside. I live only half a mile away, so it’s not like the ride is arduous. But when you consider preparation plus transportation, the timetable is almost unbelievable. I thought maybe they had certain sandwiches pre-made, so I started customizing my orders. But the time didn’t slow. It’s clear that not only does Jimmy John’s have fast peddlers on the road, it also has quick fingers in the kitchen.

The sandwiches themselves serve their purpose, but I don’t plan to visit the Jimmy John’s storefront any time soon. I order from them because they’re, for lack of a better term, freaky fast.

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