Greek Beat: Yakity yak, don’t talk smack

Mackenzie Broderick, Columnist

Greetings, culture lovers!

I’m going to cut straight to the chase — it’s silly to judge people. It’s silly because we are all pretty much equally terrible. And I do say we, because I’m certainly guilty. I judge people like it’s the career I won’t have after graduation. As for terrible, I live in an all-freshmen dorm, so my eyes have been opened to the depravity of the human soul.

But with Greek life, there are plenty of opportunities to judge each other. I would know, I’ve taken a lot them. But I refuse to download the Yik Yak app, because was embarrassing enough, and now this? C’mon, people. As I’ve taken minuscule steps this year toward becoming a functioning adult — or, someone who doesn’t leave Thai food in the fridge for three weeks, at least — it has come to my attention that judging people takes too much energy.

As a committed misanthrope, this was troubling. It is much easier to view the world in black and white instead of shades of grey (“50 Shades,” am I right? Did I mention I used to write about romance novels?). But in the real world, this sorority isn’t only full of bimbos, and that fraternity doesn’t consist solely of creeps. Yes, there are chapters that I have more friends in than others, but since we are all no longer in first grade, someone not being my friend is not a sufficient reason for disliking them.

Therefore, apps like Yik Yak aren’t the problem, not really. I have absolute faith that my peers will continue to develop new and innovative ways to talk smack about each other. Personally, I no longer have the time to write anonymous snarky comments about others — I’m too busy doing that in real life.

But instead of tearing each other down, maybe we could work on supporting each other, instead. Or, at least throw away that three-week-old Thai food. Self-improvement has to start somewhere.

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