Best French Fries: Edzo’s Burger Shop

Ava Wallace, Sports Editor

1571 Sherman Ave., 847-864-3396,

It is difficult, and I mean really, really difficult to get just a burger from Edzo’s. I rarely have the money to splurge on the three basic Edzo’s foodgroups — the milkshake, burger and fries — so I plan out my trips. But when I’m just craving french fries, which happens almost every day, I always crave the beautiful golden shards of potato perfection that come straight from the Edzo’s kitchen.

Edzo’s offers fries at a range of price, taste and complexity. The menu starts with the small, $2 basic fry ($3.25 for a large), a nice complimentary side or a great snack in its own right. The great thing about Edzo’s fry is their texture, as far as I’m concerned. A near-perfect mix of pliable and firm — and this is from someone who prefers a crisper fry — it’s hard to go wrong when the basics are so right. The plain fries are savory and not too oily, but pleasantly greasy to remind you you’re eating good quality, down home comfort fast food.

But the menu only gets better from there.

Edzo’s offers nine different iterations of its basic fry, from the necessary cheese fries to the delicious garlic fries to “Taylor Street Fridas,” a recipe that involves Italian beef gravy that’s clearly aimed at the native-Chicago crowd.

My personal favorite are Edzo’s truffle tries, which are sprinkled with parmesan cheese. These fries go perfectly with any burger and after eating them, you’ll be happy Edzo’s is now open for dinner — you’re going to want these babies at least twice a day.

— Ava Wallace