Best Customer Service: Edzo’s Burger Shop

Ava Wallace, Sports Editor

1571 Sherman Ave., 847-864-3396,

Even with a line that stretches to the front door during the lunch rush, Edzo’s has fast food down pat.

The line, which can be daunting to the casual Edzo’s diner, moves quickly, and the cashiers are efficient, friendly and helpful if you’re stuck between meal choices. It’s easy to develop a repertoire with the guys behind the register –– I always get the feeling they genuinely care about my Edzo’s experience, but you certainly won’t hold up the people in line behind you with meaningless chatter. Like I said, Edzo’s knows how to handle a lunch rush.

The cooks behind the counter work just as fast as their cashier counterparts, and being able to watch the affable staff joke around with each other gives Edzo’s a warm-and-fuzzy, mom-and-pop burger shop feeling that’s so appealing on a cold winter’s day.

Also important: my order always comes out perfectly at Edzo’s. In two-and-a-half years, the Edzo’s staff has perfectly executed each (sometimes complicated) order without a hitch. Bottom line: I know I can depend on Edzo’s to be a clean and friendly environment with efficient service. That’s enough to make me go back for a second milkshake.

— Ava Wallace