Schapiro teases A&O Blowout announcement

Cat Zakrzewski and Paulina Firozi

University President Morton Schapiro on Monday morning told students they can expect an announcement of the A&O Blowout performer soon.

In front of more than 2,000 new students and peer advisers at the President’s Convocation, Schapiro said he had just finished taping the video reveal of the performer. At last year’s convocation, Schapiro divulged that rapper Nas would headline the annual concert, but A&O had not yet finalized contracts with this year’s musical acts in time for a similar revelation.

(A&O recruits Schapiro for Blowout announcement)

“I feel really bad that I couldn’t tell you who the A&O performer is,” Schapiro said Monday. “If I could tell you, I would tell you in a ‘heartbeat’ … ‘heartbeat.'”

Whispering in the audience, many students guessed at what Schapiro’s hint could mean. Three years ago, Schapiro prematurely announced the fall lineup, and last year A&O brought him on board for the reveal. Schapiro confused students last year when he hinted at the song “Daughters.” Although Nas has a song called “Daughters,” some in the audience were more familiar with John Mayer’s track of the same name.

— Cat Zakrzewski and Paulina Firozi