Dillo Day Dreaminess: Movies to put you in a live-music mood

Elizabeth Freda, Reporter

Music festivals leave you with a certain feeling — a sparkling cross between free-spiritedness, rebellion and reflectiveness. To prepare for the barrage of emotions Dillo Day brings, I’ve compiled some movies to get you in the music-festival mood. Whether they’re cult classics or popular mainstream titles, these flicks will put Dillo Day in perspective and inspire your attitude for the big day.

“Pitch Perfect”

Although it may not have that music festival feeling, “Pitch Perfect” is one of my favorite movies. It’s hysterical and witty, and the music feels relevant and timely. The cast’s rendition of “No Diggity” is a personal favorite. Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson, is the clear standout of the film — few scenes with her didn’t have me in stitches. If you’re looking for something lighthearted and easy to watch, “Pitch Perfect” is it.

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

Ferris, Cameron and Sloane represent the classic best friends we all want to hang out with, and their day off from school is guaranteed to put you in a carefree and excited mood. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” isn’t just an ’80s classic — it’s a movie every generation can relate to. It’s definitely got that summery feel and the plot line is inspired and lighthearted.

“Pirate Radio”

“Pirate Radio” is a cult comedy about an illegal radio station in the North Sea. The men onboard the ship streaming the contraband music play the tunes of their generation, standing up to a conservative U.K. government that wants to limit radio music to solely classical pieces. The small elements of romance and large amounts of revolution make for a dynamic and inspiring film and will leave you feeling rebellious just in time for Dillo Day.

“Across the Universe”

This film seems to be a fan favorite, perhaps because our generation was seemingly raised listening to the tunes of The Beatles. Jim Sturgess is the outstanding lead in this film, combining beautiful vocals with striking acting. The romance between Sturgess’ character and an upper-class American is also a strong point of the film, and The Beatles music weaved throughout the movie lends an element of familiarity and nostalgia.

“Almost Famous

I’ve written about this movie before, but I don’t think it’s overkill if I tell you to watch this flick again to get excited for Dillo Day. This story of a young journalist following a rock band and its groupies has that “cool” factor you look for in movies to watch before a music festival. Kate Hudson plays the effortlessly cool Penny Lane, a hint of inspiration for the Dillo Day atmosphere.