Evanston Police expand surveillance technology with new truck, website

Ciara McCarthy, Assistant City Editor

The Evanston Police Department expanded its surveillance technology over the last two weeks with a new vehicle and webpage to help identify crime suspects.

Last week, police announced the department’s new surveillance vehicle, a truck that originally belonged to Brink’s but was donated to the EPD for $1 as part of a company program, Cmdr. Jay Parrott said. The truck is equipped with six surveillance cameras that can record and transmit footage.

The presence of the truck will address “quality of life issues,” Parrott said. It will be placed strategically in neighborhoods throughout the city that need police presence, Parrott said.

The batteries powering the camera can last between seven and 10 days in the field and can be controlled remotely, Parrott said. The truck, which has been painted with the EPD logo, will work primarily to prevent crime before it happens.

“We want you to know you’re being recorded so whatever behavior you’re partaking in, don’t do it,” Parrott said. “The camera is going to displace problems.”

Police also unveiled a new webpage that will allow Evanston residents to help identify potential suspects.

— Ciara McCarthy