Romantic and (sort of) realistic movies to watch on Valentine’s Day

Elizabeth Freda , Writer

Valentine’s Day: a day filled with flowers, candy and the color pink … whether you like it or not. Sometimes, all you want to do is curl up and watch a romantic movie with (or without) a significant other. Valentine’s Day might make most people feel lovey-dovey, but I’m tired of movies such as “The Notebook,” with their insanely unrealistic plots.

Whether you’re at the peak of your singledom or wildly in love with the person of your dreams, I’ve put together a short list of fairly realistic romantic movies to watch during the holiday. Warning: A few spoilers may ensue.

“Love Actually”

Starring the likes of Colin Firth, Liam Neeson and Keira Knightley, this one is a fan favorite. With the lives of multiple characters weaving together to create a web of love stories, there is a plotline for everyone. In the end, everything isn’t perfect and not everyone falls madly in love, but it’ll leave you feeling hopeful no matter where your love life stands.


I can’t thank my father enough for encouraging me to watch this 1940s classic. Humphrey Bogart is the star of this flick, playing the character of Rick Blaine. Set in Africa during World War II, Rick is the owner of a popular nightspot when former love Ilsa comes to town. Rick’s suave and brooding nature and his complicated background with Ilsa will surely win you over if you haven’t already experienced this timeless film.

“My Best Friend’s Wedding”

I was originally turned off by the premise of this movie: A woman realizes she is in love with her best friend, but only after finding out he is engaged to someone other than her. However, Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney play a hysterical and genuine duo. Although I was not so keen on the ending the first time around, I now find myself appreciating the power their friendship held.

“The Way We Were”

Starring a young, beautiful Barbara Streisand and an unbelievably handsome Robert Redford, this 1973 film follows a couple with polarizing political views who compromise in order to be together. The two-time Oscar winner’s bittersweet ending will leave you sad, yet reflective, and feeling good about the direction of these fictional characters’ lives.

“Bridget Jones’s Diary”

This 2001 romantic comedy follows the life of Bridget, who decides to keep a journal in order to help get her life back on track. After watching Bridget have an affair with her boss, create scenes in public and continually run into a cranky acquaintance, it’s difficult not to feel connected to her daily struggles. Trying to find her way (and a man) in the world, Bridget Jones will definitely leave you laughing and feeling affectionate.