Firing Squad: 3 a.m. library closing is too early (no, really)

Caryn Lenhoff, Forum Editor

Northwestern students are nerds at heart. But while most of us aren’t opposed to devoting a healthy chunk of our time to academics, even the most scholarly Wildcat can agree that staying in the library until closing time isn’t ideal.

Still, even though nobody wants to stay in the hallowed halls of Main or Tech’s Mudd Library past 3 a.m., the fact remains that sometimes you just need to. More than once, I’ve sat in Africana, half-deliriously writing a paper due the next day, only to find myself needing to stumble home because it’s time for the lib to close.

Many of our peer institutions — Cornell and Duke, for example — have study space available 24 hours a day during the week. Shouldn’t NU, whose students are at least as neurotic as those schools’, follow their lead?

The prospect of spending all night on safari in 5E is tragic — but in a nerdy, loving-to-learn sort of way. What’s more Northwestern than that?

— Caryn Lenhoff