Teen attempts two burglaries within five minutes on Case Street

Tanner Maxwell, Design Editor

Two attempted burglaries, separate yet related, occurred on the same south Evanston street Tuesday afternoon, Evanston Police Department Cmdr. Jay Parrott said.

The two incidents are considered related because of the small time frame between them and the similar methods used, Parrott said.

Some residents reported seeing a 16-year-old male walking back and forth in the 800 block of Case St., stepping onto on the front porch and looking in windows. Another told EPD the teen stacked items in front of the window and attempted to push the screen open.

Five minutes later, another attempted burglary occurred in the 700 block of Case St. A caller who was watching through his basement window told EPD he could see someone walking toward a nearby home. After the homeowner returned, he found the kitchen window pushed open.

Parrott said no one entered any of the homes in either incident. The cases are still being investigated.

— Tanner Maxwell