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Celia Skaggs, Blogger

This week, I decided to take a slightly different approach to my blog post. I’ve always been curious about what music Northwestern students really listen to, but it’s hard to get a truly accurate idea of people’s tastes without polling the entire population. So instead, I asked the staffers of The Current to submit a few of their favorite songs of the moment to see if I could get a general idea of what music makes NU students tick. The songs I received range from new top 40 hits to hidden indie gems, and together they offer a great glimpse of the soundtrack of our lives as students. I’ve compiled the submissions into a playlist that gives a peek into the musical culture of the publication we work on every week. And though these songs may not all be at the top of the Billboard rankings, they now get a chance in the spotlight as part of their own chart. This is the music of The Current, Fall Quarter 2012.

<a href="">Wildcat Tracks Current Chart 2012</a>

Celia Skaggs