Opening day of Frontera Fresco delayed by construction


Mariam Gomaa/Daily Senior Staffer

Frontera Fresco is still under construction, despite official estimates that it would open in October. The restaurant is now set to open in November.

Junnie Kwon, Reporter

The grand opening of Frontera Fresco at Norris University Center has been pushed back to November.

Northwestern announced in September that the quick-serve Mexican restaurant was to open in October.

Unforeseen construction setbacks have caused the one-month delay.

“We are nearing the completion of the project,” said Steve Mangan, resident district manager of nuCuisine. “With most construction projects there are challenges that pop up that delay progress.”

Walls used to keep dirt and dust inside the work site are concealing most of construction, leading some students to question the amount of progress. Mangan said he encourages curious students to view the site from the east windows, which offer an unobstructed view.

NuCuisine has not determined a specific day for the much-anticipated opening but plans to schedule the big reveal with Rick Bayless, the well-known Chicago chef and Frontera Fresco owner, Mangan said.

“Rick Bayless’ schedule is very busy,” he said. “He will be making an appearance on campus … we will have details on that event in the coming weeks.”

Frontera Fresco’s staff will consist of current and new employees.

Junnie Kwon