ComEd outage leaves 2,100 in Evanston area without power

Susan Du, City Editor

Commonwealth Edison reported a power outage Tuesday afternoon that affected about 2,100 customers.

City spokesman Eric Palmer said in a news release that as of 4:47 p.m., there were 1,285 ComEd customers without power. When ComEd restored service 48 minutes later, the number totaled 2,100.

Palmer said areas of Evanston, Park Ridge and Lindenhurst were affected. In Evanston, Lincoln Street to Church Street and Maple Avenue to Leland Avenue experienced loss of power.

ComEd spokesman John Schoen said a wire down in north Evanston was the cause of the outage. He did not know what caused damage to the power line, but said ComEd crews arrived at the source and connected a new wire to the electrical poles in order to replace the one that got knocked down.

“We know it’s a problem for our customers whenever the power goes out,” Schoen said. “And our goal is to get the power back as quickly as possible. Whether it’s big or small, we’re trying to get people back up as quick as we can once the power goes out.”

The power outage may have caused failure in some traffic lights on the intersection of Green Bay Road and Ridge Avenue and along Maple Avenue, according to Evanston Now.