Firing Squad: Quartet ruins first-week dreams

Ava Wallace, Reporter

I’ll start with a qualifier so I don’t seem to be blinded by anger and incapable of being objective.

I’m sure the employees at Quartet Copies are swamped at this point in the quarter. I’m also sure they work very hard year-round to meet the demands of college students who often can’t muster up the name of the class they need a course packet for while asking for said course packet.

That said, after my third day of classes, I’m behind about 100 pages of reading and it’s entirely Quartet Copies’ fault.

I went to pick up three course packets from Quartet on Sunday (two for me, one for a friend). None of the packets were available – the store was out of two and the other the professor hadn’t sent to the store yet. So I placed an order for all three course packets, pre-paid about $100 and left.

Monday morning, I return to Quartet fully expecting to walk out of the store, course packets in hand, and get started on homework that is due Tuesday.

Well, Quartet quashed that dream.

Quartet had only printed one of the packs I pre-ordered, even though I had called literally six minutes before getting to the store and the man on the phone informed me that my order was ready. I got the other packet after asking the somewhat confused Quartet crony at the counter if she could check in the back, and they happened to have an extra, though she aggressively tried charge me again for it.

She told me to return to Quartet tomorrow and pick up my last packet. “Is that okay?” she asked, in what I swear was the most apathetic voice I’ve ever heard from anyone ever.


I had the same angry feeling I get when I go to the salon, ask for a trim and the lady cuts four inches off of my hair.

Instead of 12 student-run moving companies, Evanston really needs to bring in some competition for Quartet Copies.

— Ava Wallace