Lacrosse: Frank talks about life off the field

Dan Ryan

Senior defender Alex Frank, who was converted from midfield to defender prior to this season, currently ranks third on the team with 39 ground balls. Frank also ranks second all-time in program history with 104 caused turnovers and has been a steady defensive presence for the Wildcats throughout her career. Daily: What’s your favorite moment from the season?

Alex Frank: Playing at Gillette Stadium. Being from Boston, it was just an amazing experience, something I’ll never forget. Actually I have two. My second one is Senior Day. I scored my first goal of the season. I hadn’t scored yet, being a defender this year. Playing midfield the last three years, I just wanted one goal, and I was really happy to get it, especially on my Senior Day.

Daily: Do you do anything specific to get ready for games?

Frank: Not really. I’m very serious. A lot of people will tell you I kind of keep a straight face the whole time. A lot of people lie to try to make me laugh or smile. It’s very rare. I like to listen to my music. I definitely have a routine: putting my shoes on, putting my headband on, getting ready. But usually it’s just very serious, keep game face.

Daily: Who on the team is best at making you laugh?

Frank: Most people try and stay away from me, but Shannon (Smith) usually is the one who tries to make me laugh. She sometimes can get a smile out of me, but mostly it’s usually because she’ll start laughing because I’m not smiling. And then I’ll crack a little bit of a smile.

Daily: Favorite things to do in your free time?

Frank: I like to watch movies a lot. We like to hang out and just put in any good movie. I love being outside any chance we get. Oh, actually I’m a huge superfan. I love attending other Northwestern sports. It’s great, all the different athletic teams we have and being able to get into the games for free and watch Big Ten sports is just amazing.

Daily: What’s your favorite other sport to watch?

Frank: Probably basketball. I played basketball in high school, so I kind of have a little connection there. I love being close to the action, and our team was great this year.

Daily: What’s your favorite movie?

Frank: Oh man, tough one. Well, it’s kind of old school, but it’s called “My Cousin Vinny.” It’s very funny. [email protected]edu