That’s My Jam with NSTV

Avi Small

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Northwestern Sketch Television (or NSTV for short) is Northwestern’s premiere sketch comedy group. NSTV produces student-written, acted and edited sketch comedy each year, culminating in a final SNL-style video show of the sketches created this school year. The Current had a chance to sit down with NSTV co-producer Breanne Ward and director Jake Marcks to talk about favorite bands, construction equipment and seapunk: The Current: What’s the most played song on your iTunes? BW: Right now, it’s the NSTV intro song by Wolf Parade, “I’ll Believe in Anything,” and it makes me cry every time I hear it because it makes me think about premiere. JM: “Zebra” by Beach House. BW: Oh, it’s really good. Beach House’s new album is also being released this week, and we think it’s in honor of NSTV because we’re both big Beach House fans. They’re doing it for us. We think it’s coinciding with the premiere. The Current: What was the first movie you ever saw? BW: Driving Miss Daisy with my parents. And I pooped. So my parents didn’t get to see the movie. JM: I don’t remember … Maybe like a VHS tape of a bunch of construction equipment. The Current: What is your current cultural obsession? BW: Seapunk! The Current: Seapunk? BW: It’s like an Internet subculture of gross grungy people who listen to uber-produced electronic beach music. It’s really good. JM: I’ve been going to Golden Olympic a lot. That new restaurant. They got these specials where you can get, like, a salad. The Current: Finally, what is your favorite sketch in this year’s NSTV show? JM: There’s one I really like called “Ice Cream Sundae.” It’s about how you feel when you get a dessert at a restaurant and the server brings four spoons, for the whole table, and you want it all for yourself. BW: They’re all my favorites in small ways because I have so many memories associated with them. The one that comes to mind right now is “Thom Yorke,” where one of our actors plays the part of Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead as a little petulant child. JM: “Mom! I’m going to be late for Radiohead!” Check out Brianne, Jake and NSTV’s hard work Friday, May 18 at the NSTV premiere. $5, Tech Auditorium.

-Avi Small