Nadkarni: No one escapes midterm evaluations, not even the Northwestern football team

Rohan Nadkarni

Midterm week (or weeks) of Fall Quarter is finally here. While some students slog through their studies and others attend a paint party at ZBT, I play NCAA Football 2012 alone in my room on Friday nights. With the universe aligning in this shining moment, it’s also the halfway point of the season for the Wildcats football team. At this point in time, I thought I would hand out some midterm grades of my own to Northwestern.

Dan Persa – Incomplete: Although I wrote last week that NU’s season is mostly lost already, Persa receives an incomplete because he has only appeared in three games. Despite his 0-3 record, Persa has played valiantly in the action he has seen this year. Even with the football team’s disappointing start, Persa still has a chance to deliver something for his fellow seniors, the fans and the younger members of the football team. Not to mention, he has a chance to give the elderly alumni in South Florida attending their 60th reunion this year something they have not received since 1949: a bowl win.

The Weather – C+: So far, the weather on campus has been up and down. A native of South Florida, I find myself intrigued by this mysterious season known as “fall.” Despite one week of beautiful weather featuring temperatures in the 70s, there has also been plenty of rain. Also, I don’t care what you Midwesterners say, it’s getting cold. If you think it’s not chilly outside, try explaining that to my nipples.

Athletic Director Jim Phillips – B: Jim Phillips has done a great job of building our athletic program, and entering this school year, the buzz about NU sports was arguably the highest it has ever been. My only bone to pick with Dr. Phillips is the location of the student section at Ryan Field. Many students are clamoring for a move, mainly because no one can see the ‘CatVision scoreboard from the current seats. Hopefully Dr. Phillips hears the voice of the students and listens to their advice.

Doing Laundry – F-: All right, doing laundry sucks enough as is, but do we really have to pay for it? NU ranks in the top 10 nationally with its massive financial endowment, but apparently they still need that $1.50 every time I do laundry in Hinman. It’s ridiculous. I’m surprised local banks don’t have a quarter shortage. Are you tired of paying for laundry as well? Feel free to join my Twitter protest: follow me @FeFiRoHan and use #OccupyLaundryRooms every time you pay to inadvertently shrink your favorite T-shirt.

Coach Fitzgerald – C-: I’ll probably be hated for saying this, but I’m a fan of our sports teams more than I am anything else (a columnist, a man, etc.). I never intended my freshman year to be some kind of crusade against our beloved coach, but I’ve been most disappointed by Fitz this year. We can’t keep falling back on the excuse of poor execution as the reason for our losses. The last three weeks, our team failed to adjust to the opponent, allowing 38, 41 and 42 points on defense. As the second half of the season begins, Fitz must do what he has seemingly failed to do during the second half of each game, and that’s make the adjustments necessary for our team to win.

Sports writer Rohan Nadkarni is a Medill freshman. He can be reached at [email protected]