Blotter: Oct. 11

Susan Du

Student attempts to steal road sign

University Police observed a student carrying a yellow street sign bearing the word “ahead” near the intersection of Chicago Avenue and Sheridan Road early Sunday morning, Deputy Chief Dan McAleer said.

The officer beckoned to the student, who voluntarily handed the street sign over, explaining he had found it on the ground. Later, the student said he found the sign hanging loosely on a post when he took out the last remaining screw holding it in place and took the sign into his possession.

The officer explained the criminal nature of what the student had done and released the student, McAleer said.

The student was referred to the Office of Student Affairs .

Phone stolen at Northwestern-Michigan game

A Northwestern student reported to police her cell phone was stolen while she attended Saturday’s Northwestern-Michigan football game, McAleer said.

The student said she went to the bathroom and forgot her phone on top of the toilet paper dispenser. When she returned later to search for the phone, she discovered someone had removed the phone without authorization, McAleer said.

The phone contained an enabled tracking device, which indicated the phone had been taken to a location in Bolingbrook, Ill. The student was advised to contact the Bolingbrook Police Department.

– Susan Du

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