Blotter 5/10: Intoxicated student falls down stairs at Bobb

Susan Du

Student falls down basement stairs while intoxicated in Bobb

Officers responded to Bobb Hall on Sunday in reference to a student who had fallen down the basement stairs, University Police Deputy Chief Dan McAleer said.

Police found the student lying at the bottom of the stairs, bleeding from a head injury. Prior to being transported to Evanston Hospital for further treatment and evaluation, the student regained consciousness.

The Evanston Fire Department reported the the student’s vital signs appeared to be fine at the time.

At approximately 1:30 a.m., the student entered the building while being supported by a friend. The community service officer on duty noted that he appeared intoxicated and had trouble walking on his own. The CSO then notified the community director, who determined the student was coherent enough to go with his friend.

The student was released from the hospital just before midnight Monday.

Minor injuries sustained during chemical spill in Tech

Police responded to the K wing of the Technological Institute on Monday in response to a chemical spill.

The student injured in the spill was conscious and alert when she spoke with police. She stated that at approximately 4:45 p.m., she was prepared to clean some glassware with trifluoroacetic acid when the corrosive element dripped onto her right forearm.

The chemical is not airborne, and evacuation of the building was not necessary, McAleer said.

The student received two minor blisters from the spill and was transported to the Evanston Hospital for further evaluation.