Gas company will shut down service to repair residential leak

Miranda Viglietti

Nicor Gas repaired a slow pressure gas leak coming from an Emerson Street apartment building Tuesday.

A crew working for Nicor Gas, a natural gas distribution company, made a temporary fix to the gas service line for the building at 729 Emerson St., Nicor Gas spokesman Richard Caragol said.

The leak did not pose danger to the people living near it, and gas service has been restored to residents, Caragol said.

The gas company plans to replace the gas line for the 24-unit building as soon as it can make individual arrangements with residents, whose gas service will be shut off during the replacement process, Caragol said.

Parking was temporarily prohibited for one block on Emerson Street next to the affected apartment building while Nicor’s service crew searched for the leak across from the apartment building.

“No parking” signs will likely remain posted on the block until the affected section of the street can be patched, according to Evanston’s Utilities Department.

Parking should return to normal by Friday.