Confirmed and Denied

Weekly Editors

PURPLE IS THE NEW GREENIt all started with “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” creator Rob McElhenney’s friend, a doctor and Eagle’s fan, and his lime green body suit. Since then Web sites selling green body suit knock-offs sprouted up all over the Internet. In February, someone wearing a similar lime green body suit tried to scale the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Indianapolis. And now, finally, the body suit has arrived at NU. (Don’t believe us? Just check the cover.) Gangs of faceless purple fans have been roaming our campus this football season. We did a little price comparison, and found you have two options to order your own piece of history. offers the solid purple getup for $59.99, but if you’re feeling really ambitious and willing to splurge, grab a half purple, half white body suit at for $64. If you don’t make it to the game, just say you’re celebrating Halloween a little late. Everyone loves Barney, so why wouldn’t they love you?DRINK UPThe Northwestern Alumni Association supports drinking as a method to promote your career. You heard right. The NAA has arranged Beyond Boxed Wine 2.0, an event intending to teach you graduating frat boys how to party with your boss – a skill that may just come in handy next year. Kellogg ’99 alum Jason Seiden, an author and leadership consultant, will explain how to order the right drink and how to make a real connection while alcohol is around. And in case you’re hosting your own loft party, mixologist Paula Hunter will teach you how to make something a bit more sophisticated than a vodka-Red Bull to hand to your boss and his entourage. Seniors with valid state ID or a passport can pay $10 and get a goodie bag and free drinks all night. As of last Tuesday night, 78 people had signed up, leaving roughly 47 more spots available for the event on Nov. 10. Go to to reserve your place before tomorrow, when registration closes. We repeat: Free drinks! …But we may need to work on our drinking mentality.BALLER NEWSLETTERWhat exactly is the WILDinSIDEr newsletter that dropped into our inboxes Tuesday? Turns out, it’s a student-run organization that exists purely to support NU athletics. The group’s newly-heightened presence is due to the start of basketball season, marked by Wednesday’s 7 p.m. exhibition game against Robert Morris University. You won’t find too many stats in the newsletters, but you’ll learn everything else about the opposing team, from stories about voting fraud to forearm tattoos. Best of all, non-sports junkies won’t be lost in the dark. But a note of caution – take it with a grain of salt. The group’s Web site warns, “All facts in our newsletters, to the best of our knowledge, have some sort of probability of truth implied somewhere either in or out of context relating to the facts.” So maybe it’s not all true, but we bet you were happy to have some unnerving insults to hurl at the 6’6″ RMU forward last night.