Social Diary

27 TUESDAYIt’s so hard to get out of bed when you have to walk 15 minutes through the tundra for a group meeting. My roommates are being stingy with their cars, but I can’t complain since mine is parked at Ryan Field. Good meeting though. Finally convinced one of my roommates to let me use his car, probably due to the fact that I used it to pick up a keg for the house. 28 WEDNESDAYTook a quick break before another group meeting to go grab a costume for this TriDelt party. My friend lost his jacket in the costume shop and one of the employees thought it was a costume and hung it up. It took 30 minutes to find and caused me to be late for my meeting. Pregamed at my old house and then cabbed it to the party. Party was fun, except for my jackass friend lobbing my hat to the front of the bus and then some random dude grabbed it and sprinted off. 29 THURSDAYSlept in so late today, always feel bad doing that. At least I didn’t skip class. Kind of wanted to take it easy, but it was two of my good friend’s birthdays so drove some friends to the deuce pretty late. My friends were being too funny for me to pass out so started playing the most electrifying drinking game that no one has ever heard of: Tip Drill. Didn’t even want to go out, but ended up getting mega sipped. 30 FRIDAYNo class on Friday means lounging out on a couch all day and making plans for my future On Demand consumption. Forgot how awesome The Professional is. Trying to conserve cash, but ended up getting persuaded to go to my friends’ party at Enclave. Free ride, free open bar, and mooching off bottles took only $7 out of my pockets. Amazing. Went back to ye ole fraternity house afterwards to assess the situation. Got pretty grossed out so cruised back to my house.31 SATURDAYSlept in and just relaxed all day. I don’t even think I left my house. Whatever though, I needed a breather anyway. Looked at my schedule and realized how hectic this upcoming week is going to be. Did a little financial modeling for my website, then hung out with the roommates. Played some epic Tip Drill and then passed out. 01 SUNDAYSuper Bowl Sunday! Tried to get some work done before the game, but just got distracted. Was pretty disappointed the Cardinals didn’t come back and win, but whatever, ended up being a pretty good game. Spent most of the evening studying, or finding ways too avoid studying, however you want to look at it. 02 MONDAYBegan the week of hell. Midterms, papers, presentations, and all before Thursday. Had a group meeting, but couldn’t concentrate knowing how much other stuff I need to get done. Ran into my cousin and grabbed a bite to eat with her. Need to make sure we chill before I graduate. I picked up a couple energy drinks, am sitting down at my desk and am about to begin the long journey to Thursday.