NU cheer gets hip-hop remix for football season

Jessica Allen

The “Go U! NU!” cheer chanted during countless games has been remixed – into a rap video.

The rapper is a Northwestern alum, Morgan “Mo Greene” Jackson (Communication ’08). During his time at NU, Jackson earned a coveted spot performing at Dillo Day.

He made the “Go U!” video Sept. 1 after he was approached by, a college network that produced football highlights videos by artists from each school. Featuring a steady “Go U!” cadence, the music video showcases the team and its fans.

“My favorite aspect is definitely the lyrics of the song, being able to cleverly talk about my people that are on the team while putting on a hot video,” Jackson said. “I chose (the chant) because everyone would already know it so they could just go with it.”

The three-and-a-half-minute video has been viewed about 2,000 times on YouTube.

“We produced a lot of those videos this fall and this (has) been the most popular,” said John Tsarouchas, Medill ’06, a senior producer for who worked with Jackson on the video. “It all starts with the song, which is totally the result of (Jackson’s) creative genius.”

One fan, shown toting a wrestling belt, was surprised to see himself in the video. The fan, René Jovel, said he enjoyed the shout-out to the fans.

“My friend just told me about it; I didn’t know I was actually in the video,” the Weinberg senior said. “I think the twist on the ‘Go U! NU!’ chant was pretty cool.”

Jackson said he wanted to make the video because it was a way to be supportive of the team even though he cannot always attend games.

“I know a bunch of guys on the team and felt this was a great way to show support for the school,” he said. “It’s not too often you get to hang out on the field.”

Jackson said he wanted to make something for the school that was fun but not too corny. He decided to do his “own thing” for the video and succeeded in creating what’s been dubbed a “new anthem.”

Jackson plans to perform at NU on Friday, Oct. 17 on the Go Greene College Tour. Admission is $5.

Then, at the Homecoming game against Purdue on Oct. 18, he’ll perform “Go U!” and follow it with a performance at The Keg of Evanston that night.

If NU can win again and advance to 6-0, the video might get more attention, said Jonathan Hodges, a 2005 McCormick alum and avid Wildcat football fan.

“It was very well done, and hopefully it will excite people for Northwestern football,” he said “And with them doing so well, maybe at some point it can get some national attention – and be the theme song for the season if things go well.”

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Watch the Mo Greene “Go U” video here.