News Brief

Nomaan Merchant and Jake Spring

Report: Evanston crimes dropped slightly in 2006Crime in Evanston decreased last year – but just barely.

Statistics released by the Evanston Police Department Tuesday show five fewer reported incidents in 2006 than were reported in 2005. The decrease continues a nine-year overall decline in the township, with the exception of 2000, when there was a slight increase from 1999.

The number of reported crimes in 2006 totaled 3,186.

The number of thefts dropped 13 percent last year, while burglary reports increased by 50 percent.

The number of reports of vehicle theft and aggravated assault and battery fell, while robbery and sexual assault rose slightly.

Despite a slim decrease, rates over the past four years have been at the town’s lowest since 1970.

In a press release, Evanston Police Chief Richard Eddington called the new figures “welcome news” and thanked police officers for their hard work.

“I encourage everyone to stay involved to continue our successes,” Eddington wrote in the release. “There are many quality of life issues that continue to challenge us every day.”

-Nomaan Merchant