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Ilya Bunimovich

Chicago-area college students said they find time for dating, but lack social outlets for meeting people due to small Greek systems. This contrasts with Northwestern’s scattered dating scene that students said revolves around Greek life.

Amy Wieczorek, a junior majoring in nursing at Loyola University Chicago, said her dating options are limited by the slim odds of finding a partner in a student body that is 63 percent female.

“There are more girls than guys here and everyone else is gay,” Wieczorek said.

Despite the slow scene, Wieczorek said she gets asked out about two times per month. She usually dates at local Chicago establishments, such as The Cheesecake Factory.

While Loyola students enjoy dating in Hamilton’s, a Chicago bar near their campus, DePaul University students near Lincoln Park said even with bars, their dating scene is almost non-existent.

“I don’t ever see much of it. Everyone just goes to the bars,” said Lesley Weinstein, a sophomore majoring in environment and health at DePaul. Weinstein said she wishes guys would take her out to see more of the city, rather than just to bars.

Due to a small Greek system, mid-sized apartment parties are a good way to meet people at DePaul, said Jack Hartrich, a sophomore majoring in studio art.

“If you’re the type of person who likes to hook up, you can do that, but there are also people looking for relationships,” said Hartrich, who has been involved in a relationship for more than 26 months.

Other students, like Emily Gharabally, said that, sadly, drugs such as pot and acid are an important component to dating.

“If people find out you don’t do it, they will drop you,” said Gharabally, a senior majoring in political science. Gharabally’s last boyfriend stopped dating her when he found out Gharabally abstains from drugs.

NU students said a stronger Greek scene makes up for the absence of trendy late-night bars.

“People complain that there’s no dating at NU, but I’d disagree,” said McCormick senior Ray Bourdeau. “I’d say the majority of my time here I have dated someone.”

A member of Beta Theta Pi, Bourdeau said fraternities provide an additional outlet for dating through parties and exchanges.

For Valentine’s Day, Bourdeau said he plans to cook his girlfriend dinner and then take her ice skating at Millennium Park. The couple also enjoys rock climbing and shooting darts at Nevin’s Pub.

“You don’t have to go crazy for Valentine’s Day. Just make dinner and get her something sentimental.” said Bourdeau. “It’s not hard and it goes a long way.”

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