Interview: Willie the Wildcat

Jim Martinho

Jim Martinho: Are basketball games or football games more fun?

Willie the Wildcat: Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Football is great because I get lots of cat food from the tailgaters around the stadium before the game.

Basketball is great because I get to climb into the stands and mess with fans. To be honest, though, I get the most joy out of watching the women’s volleyball team do their thing.

JM: If you could play for the Northwestern football team, what position would you play?

WW: Quarterback, definitely quarterback. My feet are a little too big to do much running, but I have big paws with a tender touch. Plus, I love being the center of attention.

JM: You got beat down pretty badly by Brutus Buckeye last week. Will there be a rematch?

WW: Indeed, there will be. Willie is going to take care of business.

JM: Do you ever get sick of hearing the marching band play the same songs over and over?

WW: Yeah, some of their material can get a little old, but let’s face it — they have spirit and they have pride. I respect that.

JM: Are you related to the Wildcats at Kansas State, Arizona or Kentucky?

WW: No, not at all. They’re just terrible spinoffs of the original.

JM: How is your relationship with Air Willie?

WW: I’ll admit, when Air Willie first came on the scene I was a little perturbed. But we have a great relationship now, we hang out after games and support each other’s cause.

JM: Keg or 1800 Club?

WW: I got kicked out of The Keg the other day for getting a little too frisky on the dance floor, so I generally chill at 1800 now.

JM: The Daily Northwestern or the Northwestern Chronicle?

WW: I’m not gonna lie, Jim, I was a big Daily fan until you guys printed that painful picture of the big-headed Buckeye straddling me at the Ohio State game last weekend. That was an off day for me … What’s the Northwestern Chronicle, anyway?

JM: Biggie or Tupac?

WW: Neither. I would feel like a sellout if I subscribed to either one of their East or West coast “posses.” I’m all about Nelly and his Midwest pride. I’m also a big fan of the band-aid look — it definitely attracts the ladies.

JM: Speaking of ladies, how is Willie’s game with the female mascots?

WW: Right now there aren’t any female mascots in the Big Ten, but I’m petitioning for a few of them to enter the ring.

JM: Does Willie wear underwear under that oversized NU T-shirt?

WW: Most definitely not.

JM: Couldn’t things get a little dicey?

WW: Yeah, two years ago the Minnesota Golden Gopher tried to rip my shirt off, that was pretty close.

JM: You must be pretty comfortable with your, um, willie.

WW: I’m comfortable with my willie, and the entire package, really.

JM: How do you keep that smile on your face when NU is losing by three touchdowns?

WW: I’m really looking at the cheerleaders.