Weather forces IFC, Panhel to reslate fall concert for spring

Miki Johnson

The Student Activities Finance Board voted Tuesday night to allow money originally allocated for a Fall Fest concert to fund a spring concert during Greek Week.

Interfraternity Council President James Troupis and Panhellenic Council President Francesca Rodriguez requested SAFB allow the Greek councils to use the $24,506 for a Spring Quarter concert at the end of the Greek Week, which celebrates Greek life on campus.

“Clearly SAFB put the interests of the students first,” Troupis said. “I’m happy because it achieves our original goal, which is to provide a concert for the whole campus.”

Troupis said he feared poor fall weather would force the concert to be held inside Ryan Auditorium, a venue with only 582 seats.

In an e-mail notifying Troupis and Rodriguez that their request had been approved, SAFB member Zaid Pardesi wrote that he would like plans for the spring finalized before new IFC and Panhel board members take over during Winter Quarter.

“We want to start a new tradition of having all of these events in the spring because that’s when a larger proportion of the campus is Greek, due to deferred recruitment,” Troupis said. “The culminating event of the week would be the band.”

Fall Fest organizers had been negotiating with several bands for a fall concert, but now they will work to bring a group to campus in the spring, Troupis said.

Greek organizations will move Fall Fest events to the spring so students who join sororities and fraternities in the winter can participate, said Rodriguez, a Communication senior.

Greek Week during Spring Quarter now will include Community Action Day and Greek Olympics, activities that previously had been part of Fall Fest. A concert had been part of Fall Fest for several years, although last year’s Lucky Boys Confusion was the first band with national recognition to play.

Both Troupis and Rodriguez said most universities with Northwestern’s level of Greek involvement have a full week dedicated to Greek life.

“It will be a time to celebrate being Greek,” Rodriguez said.

Greek Week will more extensively promote the goals of Fall Fest as a way to “get the Greek name out on campus in a positive light,” Troupis said.

Ebo Dawson-Andoh, president of NU’s National Pan-Hellenic Council, said NPHC wants to be more involved in the planning and help promote awareness and diversity in Greek life.

“My goal is to bring Greeks together and to bring in people from campus,” said Dawson-Andoh, an Education senior. “Even if people don’t end up joining an organization they can still see and interact with Greeks.”