Graduate residents petition to keep unfurnished housing

Rani Gupta

Several Northwestern graduate students have started a petition to protest the housing office’s decision to eliminate the option of unfurnished apartments in Engelhart Residence Hall, 1915 Maple Ave.

Engelhart residents currently can choose to live in either furnished or unfurnished apartments. Unfurnished apartments are about 10 percent cheaper, said Gregg Kindle, director of residential life.

But beginning the 2003-04 school year, new students can stay only in furnished apartments.

So Young Kim, a sixth-year graduate student and one of the petition’s organizers, said students can save money if they buy their own furniture.

“Most of us are living here for four or five years,” she said. “It makes more sense to have unfurnished units.”

The policy was changed because unfurnished apartments are more expensive for the university, Kindle said. When a resident opts not to have furniture, the apartment’s furniture must be moved and stored.

Kindle said Engelhart is still the best housing option. “What we do is actually more convenient for them because they don’t have to look for furniture,” he said