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Schwartz: Though constructive, Shapiro talk ultimately disregarded marginalized experiences

Alex Schwartz, Columnist

May 25, 2017

Ben Shapiro spoke very quickly Wednesday night. He displayed an impressive command of the English language, barely slipping during his 30-minutes-or-so critique of liberal politics. I admired his (mostly) respectful discourse...

Steinberg: Restricting controversial speakers will only polarize us further

Kent Steinberg, Op-ed Contributor

February 14, 2017

At Northwestern and many other American universities, the concept of debate is distorted. Our universities were founded with a specific purpose: to educate students to be active and informed individuals in our society. Aristotle...

Schwartz: Combating hate speech on college campuses is not a violation of free speech

Alex Schwartz, Columnist

February 5, 2017

Our ability to communicate abstract ideas through language is an important part of what makes us human. But language is more than a tool to understand the world; it helps create the world, too. Language isn’t just words —...