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Editorial: After response to Women’s Center change, Northwestern should improve communication of major decisions

The Daily Northwestern Editorial Board

November 22, 2016

During this year’s peer adviser training, Northwestern PAs were given an hour-long lecture on the resources available to students looking for mental health counseling. One of the resources PAs were taught to direct new students...

Editorial: Ease up credit requirements, help students find balance

The Daily Northwestern Editorial Board

November 20, 2016

With the School of Communication’s decision to reduce the required number of credits to graduate, the school’s leadership acknowledged this month something students already knew: When it comes to academic requirements, sometimes less...

Editorial: Safe spaces are vital, and so is thoughtful rhetoric

The Daily Northwestern Editorial Board

September 28, 2016

The debate about safe spaces, microaggressions and so-called campus oversensitivity has been near constant over the past year. This month, it returned to our backyard. First, there was the University of Chicago’s inflammatory...

Editorial: In wake of Maddula case, let us take care of one another

Daily Northwestern Editorial Board

February 27, 2013

It’s been a difficult few months for the Northwestern community. The Evanston Police Department's announcement earlier this week they would close their investigation into Harsha Maddula’s death put a formal end to a story...

Editorial: Waging a campaign before starting a conversation

The Daily Northwestern Editorial Board

April 27, 2012

There’s no need for Northwestern’s campus to make excuses for what the Ski Team wrought during its Beer Olympics. The party’s costumes were offensive and unacceptable. It’s encouraging that NU students and administrators...