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Validation during COVID-19

Economic and health-related stressors are common among quarantining students.

Isabel Gitten and Kathryn Augustine

May 28, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the country is grappling with unemployment, sickness, loss and mental health issues. Opinion Editor Kathryn Augustine argues that it is vitally important for us to validate each other's struggles during this time. Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Augustine: Stop talking about Adele’s body

Augustine: Stop talking about Adele's body

Kathryn Augustine, Opinion Editor

May 21, 2020

My immediate reaction to photos documenting dramatic weight loss is concern. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder, I wonder if the weight was shed in a healthy manner, if the individual’s eating and exercise habits are sustainable, if they are engaging in any maladaptive behaviors. While...

Blaine: Why Northwestern students should address their professors with first names

Blaine: Why Northwestern students should address their professors with first names

Wesley Blaine, Op-Ed Contributor

May 18, 2020

My 5-year-old son’s teacher insists that the children in her classroom call her Rebecca. My wife’s OB-GYN, who delivered our son, asks that my wife and I call her Abby. Disney requires its employees to call each other by their first names, as do UPS, Xerox, General Electric, and Mars Inc. who...

Borrok: The Grief Olympics

Borrok: The Grief Olympics

Ben Borrok, Columnist

May 17, 2020

Those that have spent excess time on the internet, as I am known to do, have inevitably run into the tense conversations that develop out of tragedy. What starts as a series of tributes to those suffering from unimaginable circumstances mutates into a competition. But this race to find out the person...

Delaney’s Sunday Cartoon: Nightly Confrontation

Delaney's Sunday Cartoon: Nightly Confrontation

May 17, 2020

Email: [email protected] Instagram: @by.delaney...