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Trejos: For 2020 success, Democrats must peddle broader ideology

Jose Trejos, Op-Ed Contributor
February 12
Filed under Contributors, Opinion

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the 2016 presidential election seems to have galvanized the American left. Many observers saw the rise of politicians such as Trump as proof that the Democratic Party has lost touch with ordinary voters and the white working class, a theory seemingly confirmed by...

Goldberg: Injustices at fraternities must provoke thoughtful policy change

Gideon Goldberg, Op-Ed Contributor
February 10
Filed under Opinion

In response to the recent reported events alleged at Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, many have joined together to demand that Interfraternity Council be eliminated on our campus. However, these fraternities are more entrenched than students might imagine. If we are truly interested in securing stude...

Lewis: Following reports, University administrators must take bold action

Cara Lewis, Op-Ed Contributor
February 9
Filed under Opinion

It is extremely upsetting for me to write about my experiences with sexual violence and suicide, especially because I know others who share these stories can be deeply upset by reading about them. In the light of recent news, however, I feel obligated to share my story. When I was 14 years old, my...

Letter to the Editor: Interfraternity Council misses mark with social probation

February 8
Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

Disclaimer: I write this letter as president of an Interfraternity Council chapter. I do not speak for anyone other than myself. IFC’s recent response, highlighted in a Feb. 8 article from The Daily, to allegations of sexual assault within two fraternity houses is troubling. To me, as a so-called leader within the community (I am the currently President of Lambda Chi Alpha and voted against the probation), the r...

Vargas: Don’t dismiss celebrities who speak out against Trump

Alani Vargas, Columnist
February 8
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Today’s political climate is anything but civil. President Donald Trump is hell-bent on keeping campaign promises based on his xenophobic rhetoric. So it should come as no surprise that many are speaking out and protesting against his presidency and against his executive orders that have already targeted...

Letter to the Editor: SHAPE demands SAE be held accountable

February 8
Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

On Tuesday, The Daily reported that the University received four reports of female-identifying students being given a date-rape drug at Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity on Jan. 21. Of the four, two reported being sexually assaulted. There was also another report of a female-identifying student being sexuall...

Dion-Kirschner: President Trump must acknowledge that scientific consensus on climate change is absolute

Hannah Dion-Kirschner, Columnist
February 8
Filed under Columns, Opinion

In 2004, a Harvard professor surveyed 928 randomly-selected scientific publications mentioning the phrase “global climate change.” Of these 928 papers, not one countered the theory that human activity is a major cause of climate change. Thirteen years later, the new White House administration is...

Letter to the Editor: Muslims can think for themselves

Omar Shanti, McCormick senior
February 7
Filed under Latest Stories, Letters to Editor, Opinion

The following letter is written in response to the Assistant Dean of Weinberg Mark Sheldon’s letter, revealingly titled “The walkout’s purpose was derailed by anti-Israel sentiment.” This title does not only reinforce the erasure of the Palestinian people and of the continual punishment inflicted upon them by Israel but also deploys a comm...

Cooper: Trump’s statements on the judiciary threaten the stability of the American government

Danny Cooper, Columnist
February 6
Filed under Columns, Latest Stories, Opinion

In Federalist Paper No. 51, James Madison explained the essential idea of separation of powers in the American government system and the importance of checks and balances. Madison wrote: “If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” The man...

Editorial: Local elections are more important than ever in Trump era

The Daily Northwestern Editorial Board
February 6
Filed under Editorial, Opinion

Immediately following President Trump’s inauguration, Americans got to work demonstrating at political marches in cities across the United States and protesting at airports following the now-stalled travel ban. These protests, and the political momentum powering them, illustrate that Trump’s noxious agenda will not be enacted wit...

Schwartz: Combating hate speech on college campuses is not a violation of free speech

Alex Schwartz, Columnist
February 5
Filed under Columns, Opinion

Our ability to communicate abstract ideas through language is an important part of what makes us human. But language is more than a tool to understand the world; it helps create the world, too. Language isn’t just words — it’s action. Language allows us to create social systems, organize ourselves...

Letter to the Editor: Response to letter by philosophy lecturer Mark Sheldon

February 5
Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

I write in response to the recent letter in The Daily written by Prof. Mark Sheldon, entitled “The walkout’s purpose was derailed by anti-Israel sentiment.” His letter expressed dismay that the #NoMuslimBanNU demonstration included sentiments critical of Israel, which he believed prevented a “sin...