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LTE: GiGi’s Playhouse Thanks Dance Marathon

Nancy Gianni
February 23
Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

Dear NUDM Dancers, It is so cathartic to reach out to the generation I was most afraid of just 13 years ago when my daughter, GiGi was born with Down syndrome. I feared more than anything the way people would treat her and the pain it would cause our family. GiGi’s diagnosis makes her an instant...

Reed: New Trier parents, students should listen closely to differing perspectives on civil rights education

Chase Reed, Columnist
February 22
Filed under Columns, Opinion

The recent debate over the benefits of New Trier High School’s upcoming seminar on civil rights stems from a lack of listening. The program assesses student privilege and educates students on racial issues like implicit bias, angering some parents who claim there is a dearth of conservative perspective...

Schecter: We must use this moment to set a new standard for the Title IX process on campus, across the country

Sarah Schecter, Op-Ed Contributor
February 22
Filed under Columns, Opinion

The past weeks have been trying for our community after the University alerted students earlier this month that it received anonymous reports alleging multiple sexual assaults and druggings at two fraternities. Many of us are angry, upset, even baffled by the prevalence of sexual assault on our campus. We should ch...

Letter to the Editor: In response to ‘ETHS indefinitely delays transgender policy to comply with federal guidance, avoid legal action’

Jonathan Baum and Gretchen Livingston
February 21
Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

To the editor: We are writing as individual members of the ETHS School Board, and attorneys, in response to your Feb. 19 article, "ETHS indefinitely delays transgender policy to comply with federal guidance, avoid legal action." The article appears to be based on incomplete information about the s...

Cooper: Course packets should be eliminated

Danny Cooper, Columnist
February 21
Filed under Columns, Opinion

When I look through a syllabus for the first time, I always scan the required readings to see if there is a course reader. Though these course packets may be beloved by the owners of Quartet Copies, who seem to have a monopoly on producing them, they are completely unnecessary. Not only are they a...

Dion-Kirschner: Organizations can act without government to combat climate change

Hannah Dion-Kirschner, Columnist
February 21
Filed under Columns, Opinion

Alongside social media accounts and White House web pages, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conference on health and climate change was yet another casualty of America’s new political climate. The conference was cancelled without explanation in anticipation of Donald Trump’s anti-environmental...

Off Script: A better society starts with socially conscious children’s media

Alex Schwartz, Columnist
February 20
Filed under Columns, Latest Stories, Opinion

One of my favorite CDs as a kid was “Free to Be...You and Me,” recorded by Marlo Thomas and featuring other famous actors and musicians from the 1970s. I rarely listened to anything else, and soon I knew most of the songs by heart –– I still remember them today. What I didn’t realize back then...

Letter From the Opinion Editor: A column’s role in an era of fake news

Jess Schwalb, Opinion Editor
February 19
Filed under Letters from Editor, Opinion

Whether in anger or in jest, a popular characterization of articles shared on Facebook these days is “Fake news!” To be sure, the past year seems to have featured a rise of fantastical news stories from less-than-reputable sources. Not only does fake news flourish on the internet where regulation...

Williams: Northwestern should not allow new IFC chapters until systematic change occurs

John Williams, Op-Ed Contributor
February 19
Filed under Contributors, Opinion

Despite the despicable reputation of IFC fraternities, I rushed one during my freshman year. After meeting one member who shared my political views, I was under the impression that a large portion of the other members were similarly thoughtful and had a vested interest in using their privilege to catalyze...

McKeon: Buy into local flavor

Shane McKeon, Op-Ed Contributor
February 17
Filed under Columns, Opinion

Full disclosure: I love Soulwich. Never been? It’s a modern-looking sandwich shop just south of Church Street on Orrington Avenue. I dig the name. I enjoy the vibe. I love that they always seem to play Radiohead from the sound system. And, of course, I love the sandwiches: crunchy French bread filled...

Kempis: Amid concerns about terrorism, studying abroad is even more important

Kempis: Amid concerns about terrorism, studying abroad is even more important

Nicole Kempis, Opinion Editor
February 16
Filed under Columns, Opinion

This is the third in a series that examines the challenges NU faces as it strives to become a global university. At Northwestern, 750 students study abroad every year, according to the Northwestern University Study Abroad website. Many students consider it an essential educational experience, for langu...