Best Liquor Store: D&D Finer Foods

Jacob Fulton, In Focus Editor

Just two weeks ago, I turned 21. For college students across the nation, that marks a major milestone: buying your first legal drink. And I knew exactly where I was headed: D&D Finer Foods, nestled in the heart of Noyes Street.

Aside from its proximity to my apartment — a mere five-minute walk — D&D’s homey atmosphere, options for fresh-cooked meals and array of groceries all make it a perfect one-stop shop. As one of my favorite Evanston institutions, it only made sense that I paid them a visit on my 21st birthday.

That chilly afternoon, I was excited to peruse my options. Between the large range of craft beers, the wine variety and the well-stocked liquor shelves, I knew I had a difficult decision ahead of me.

I ended up leaving with a bottle of white wine that rang up under $10. I’m living on a college budget, so I wasn’t looking to drop too much. But D&D’s accommodates all sorts of tastes and budgets and is home to brands and brews I’ve never seen before.

The store’s proximity to other perennial Best of Evanston winners such as Tomate Fresh Kitchen and Coffee Lab means a trip down Noyes Street hits three of the central food groups of collegiate life: coffee, burritos and alcoholic beverages. But out of the three, the versatility of D&D’s and overall atmosphere will always make it stand out to me.

D&D’s will hold a fond place in my memories as I look back on my time at Northwestern. Take a trip to Noyes and, more than likely, it’ll find a place in your heart too.

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