City reinstates free Sunday parking

Jacob Fulton, Assistant City Editor

As of Jan. 1, Evanston has brought back free Sunday parking.

The city announced it would remove the $1.50 per hour parking fee from 1 to 9 p.m. for all city-owned meters and pay stations in a December news release. The parking rate was originally introduced in March 2019 as part of the city’s 2019 adopted budget, but was eliminated again in the 2020 adopted budget. 

The reduction in revenue from this change in the budget will be counteracted by other sources of funding, including the recently-passed ordinance allowing for-profit events to be held at Welsh-Ryan Arena — an action that is expected to bring in approximately $200,000 a year for the city.  

Parking rates for non-Sunday hours, however, will increase at pay stations this year, moving from $1.50 per hour to $2.00 per hour. Commuter lots will stay at the current rate of $0.50 per hour, a change that was incorporated into the 2019 adopted budget. 

In accordance with state-wide parking taxes, the city will also alter costs for hourly and monthly parking in its three downtown garages. Starting on Feb. 1, rates for the first five hours of parking will increase by $1. Rates for hours 5-12 will be divided into two new categorizations of 5-8 hours and 8-12 hours. Finally, rates for hours 12-24 will increase by $2. 

Monthly permits will increase by $5 at all garages, except for rooftop-only permits for the 1800 Maple St. garage, which will cost $10 more. 

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