Blotter: Woman charged with obstructing identity, driving with suspended license

Joshua Irvine, Copy Chief

A woman was charged with obstruction of identification and other offenses after a traffic stop Wednesday morning.

Officers on patrol at the corner of Davis Street and Orrington Avenue observed a car with a temporary license heading westbound on Davis, said Evanston police Cmdr. Ryan Glew. After the officers learned the vehicle’s registration had expired, Glew said they conducted a traffic stop in the 600 block of Davis Street.

Glew said officers spoke to the driver and her female passenger and requested the driver’s license and auto insurance. The driver was unable to provide a license and instead gave officers a false name, Glew said. However, officers did not discover this until later.

After detecting the smell of cannabis, Glew said the officers searched both the driver and her passenger but did not find any contraband. A search of the vehicle found only trace amounts of cannabis.

The driver and her passenger were allowed to depart, Glew said. Officers were dispatched to her home after it was discovered that she had given a fake name and had previously had her license suspended. The officers did not find the driver, Glew said, but she later contacted officers and promised to turn herself in to be charged, which she did later that day.

The driver was charged with obstruction of identity, driving with a suspended license and failing to renew the registration on her vehicle, Glew said. Her court date is set for May 3.

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