Helpful resources for NU students


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Counseling and Psychological Services, located on the second floor of Searle Hall.

Ahlaam Delange , Reporter

Congratulations Wildcat! Your acceptance into Northwestern is nothing short of a major accomplishment. The small, intimate campus can prove challenging for many individuals at times and a comprehensive list of resources is crucial for all new students.

Here are a few things that should be on your radar:

Office of Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is a fantastic way to integrate your learning experiences with real world application at NU. The office provides opportunities for undergraduate students to work on independent projects during the academic year and over the summer. Language grants for students interested in studying a language in the United States or abroad are also available through this office. The list of grants and programs available are extensive in this office, and a wonderful way to build your portfolio.

Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP)

Wildcats don’t stop in the summer just because school does. Many entry-level summer internships for undergraduates are unpaid and the Summer Internship Grant Program helps students acquire funding for costs like travel, housing and other necessities. Students that have or are planning to secure an unpaid summer internship can apply during the spring and receive funding. The application process can also help students narrow down various unpaid internship options.

Student Enrichment Services (SES)

At NU, it’s wise to learn to expect the unexpected. Sometimes your laptop will break before your Chem midterm, you may fall victim to the flu going around your residence hall, or suddenly need to travel home. For students that cannot afford major financial emergencies, Student Enrichment Services can help. The service partners with first-generation, low-income, and DACA/undocumented students to help foster spaces of inclusion and accessibility on campus. If there is ever an emergency or you need support, ask SES and they are sure to help.

Purple Pantry

Off-campus and summer housing can sometimes be the cheaper alternatives for Northwestern students looking to stay in Evanston. Learning to balance a budget and finding time to cook for yourself takes time to get used to. The Purple Pantry helps by collecting donations from the Northwestern community and providing free groceries to students who have financial constraints. Purple Pantry provides support for any NU student that is hungry, all students need is their Wildcard and their own grocery bags.

Howard Brown Health

Northwestern requires all students be covered by health insurance and offers plans for students. Searle Hall is the primary location for Northwestern University Health Service, where students can go with all medical ailments. Another option for students is Howard Brown Health, which has a clinic in Rogers Park, is one of the nation’s largest LGBTQ organizations. They serve men, women, nonconforming and transgender folks, for a variety of medical services. It’s a great space for people that are not heteronormative identifying.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

You will probably here the acronym CAPS a lot, and it may be your first introduction into prioritizing your mental health, like it is for so many Wildcats. Counseling and Psychological Services provides counseling and therapy for individuals and groups on campus. Located on the second floor of Searle Hall, CAPS also provides drop-in sessions around campus with faculty members on different days of the week. They are a team of highly trained and qualified mental health professionals that are there for emotional crisis, developmental and adjustments needs. Students that are Pell Grant recipients can qualify for Northwestern insurances waivers, which covers the cost of mental health services.

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