Five things to do with 144 extra hours over break

Allie Goulding, Photo Editor

2017 Holiday Guide

Winter break is almost a week longer this year, which means six extra days to fill. The Daily has come up with the best uses for those 144 hours.

Christmas music on repeat

Everyone knows Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” is the best Christmas jam to listen to. With 144 hours, you could listen to the song about 2,206 times on repeat, and highly unlikely you’ll get tired of Mariah Carey’s amazing voice.

Travel to Chicago

Specifically, visit the Christkindlmarket downtown. Traveling to the market takes about 56 minutes, taking the CTA Purple Line at the Foster Station to the Red Line, stopping at Lake and walking the rest of the way. Potentially, you could make this round trip 154 times. That’s 154 rounds of German hot chocolate, and who wouldn’t love that?

Watch holiday movies

It only takes about 76 minutes to watch the best holiday movie of all time –– “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” You could watch the movie about 113 times in a row. If you want more variety, you could fit in about 26 rotations of the iconic “Home Alone” trilogy.

Road trip around the United States

Believe it or not, you could take a road trip around the U.S. — hitting 28 major cities and crossing through 34 different states — in only 5 days, 23 hours and 44 minutes. Obviously, you might not have enough time to take in the sights, but you could at least say you did it.

Pet a dog

It takes an average of one minute to stop a person walking a dog on the street and pet said dog. The number is made up, but it seriously takes no time to ask someone to pet their dog. Imagine how many dogs you could pet in an extra week of break. Do it. You know you want to, and honestly, you deserve some love from a dog during your break.

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