Blotter: Chicago woman arrested in connection with DUI in south Evanston

Sophie Mann, Digital Development and Recruitment Editor

A Chicago resident was arrested Monday in connection with driving under the influence of alcohol in south Evanston.

A traffic officer observed the woman remaining stationary after the light changed from red to green at the corner of South Boulevard and Dewey Avenue, Evanston police Cmdr. Joseph Dugan said. After waiting 10 seconds, she made a wide turn into the opposite lane.

Dugan said the woman appeared glassy-eyed and had the scent of alcohol on her breath when she was pulled over. She refused to take a field sobriety test and was subsequently arrested, he said.

Dugan said she was charged with felony driving while under the influence, misdemeanor driving while under the influence and several other charges.

Man arrested in connection with assault of police officer

A man was arrested Monday in connection with the assault of a police officer at a CTA station in south Evanston.

A CTA attendant reported that a man in a blue sweater said sexually explicit things to her and would not leave her alone, Dugan said. When officers arrived and attempted to detain the man, he continually told the officer to “f— off” and began walking away.

The officer grabbed the man’s arm, but was unsuccessful, Dugan said. The man balled up his fists, causing the officer to fear he was going to be assaulted. The officer then took out his taser and the man became compliant, Dugan said.

He was charged with misdemeanor assault against the officer, Dugan said.

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