Best Place to Study: Starbucks on Sherman Avenue

Julia Doran, Reporter

If you’re looking for a great study spot, head to the Starbucks on Sherman Avenue. Typically bustling with busy NU students, Starbucks offers an upbeat atmosphere that motivates productivity, while the soft music and the warm wooden hues of the interior keep the spot feeling cozy and inviting.

Whether you’re typing an essay or embarking on a lengthy reading, Starbucks makes the process more pleasant. Kept alert by the fresh scent of coffee and the energy of equally busy peers, the cafe’s consumers thrive off of positive energy that pervades the room.

The Starbucks environment is excellent for collaborative work as well. Students gather for group projects, study groups or tutoring, as they are able to talk at a comfortable, conversational volume. While the atmosphere allows for this social use, it is also conducive to individual study, since the room rarely becomes excessively noisy. Simply using headphones can drown out the sound enough to improve one’s focus.

A variety of seating options are available, but they fill up quickly. Students can join a long table with high chairs and work elbow-to-elbow with fellow Wildcats, or find a more independent spot along the peripheries of the room. When the weather is favorable, outdoor seating is an option as well.

Well-equipped for any technology need, Starbucks ensures that you can work for as long as you wish. The Wi-Fi network is consistently strong and outlets abound for laptop rejuvenation. Tables also feature sleek wireless charging on areas of the table surface.

The lighting is the perfect degree of intensity — not overwhelmingly bright, but strong enough to prevent the onset of sleepiness — and the music’s volume is unobtrusive. Tabletops are kept spotless as well.

Generous hours are another feature of this study haven. Open every day from 5 a.m. till midnight, Starbucks accommodates both early risers and night owls, and is open later than most comparable options nearby. If a long night of work awaits you, it’s always nice to know that some caffeine is available on Sherman Ave.

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